Looking for a Breeder?


Rabbitry: Lost Brundage Rabbitry   

Breeder: Stephany Brundage   

Varieties: All recognized colors, Blue, Blue Otter, Opal, Himi, and Tort 

Contact: stephany.brundage@gmail.com

Website: None

Rabbitry: Poke's Rabbitry

Breeder: Kyla Gierke  

Varieties: Black, Black Otter, Chestnut, REW, Sable Marten, Siamese Sable. 

Contact: pokesrabbitry@gmail.com

Website: None


Rabbitry: Hops N Lops Farm        

Breeder: Grace Toy 

Varieties: Information not given                                              Contact: hopsnlopsfarm@gmail.com

Website: www.hopsnlopsfarm.com


Rabbitry: Information not given

Breeder: Debbie & Miranda Hilton

Varieties: All recognized colors, Blue, Chocolate, Tort, Himi, and broken

Contact: n2byrds91@gmail.com 

Website: None   


Rabbitry: Moon Phase Farm

Breeder: Tristan Winters & Brittany Huston

Varieties: Black, Otter, Sable Marten, Himi

Contact: 352-277-6727

Website: www.facebook.com/moonphasefarms


Rabbitry: Tasia's Tiny Tot's

Breeder: Tasia Thomas

Varieties: Sable, Smoke Pearl, Siamese Sable Marten, Black, REW, Broken

Contact: Tasia_T@msn.com

Website: None                                                                     


Rabbitry: Wolf’s Rabbits

Breeder: Tara Cargal & Rhonda Wolf

Varieties: Black, Broken, Otter (all varieties), Chestnut, REW, Sable Marten, Siamese Sable and Himi 

Contact: twolf311@gmail.com

Website: None


Rabbitry: Information not given

Breeder: Karah Boersma

Varieties: Information not given

Contact: seagull553@hotmail.com 

Website: None                                                                     

New Mexico

Rabbitry: Scutaze Farm Rabbitry

Breeder: Alison & Adrienne Lamond

Varieties: Black Otters, Broken

Contact: aml207@aol.com 

Website: None                                                                     

New York

Rabbitry: Eagle Mountain Rabbitry

Breeder: Renee & Caitlin Damoth

Varieties: BEW, REW, Black Otter, and Dutch Marked Specializing in hopping brits

Contact: renee@eaglemt.org 

Website: None                                                                     


Rabbitry: Moonlit Rabbitry

Breeder: Marie Bowles

Varieties: Information not given

Contact: moonlitrabbitry@gmail.com 

Website: None                                                                     


Rabbitry: Angel's Echo Rabbitry

Breeder: Noelle Waller

Varieties: Black Otter, Black, REW, Chestnut, Broken

Contact: wallerific1@gmail.com 

Website: www.angelsechobunnies.com               


Rabbitry: Seraphim Rabbitry

Breeder: Angelina Mclain

Varieties: Black otter, black, chestnut, REW, shaded and BEW

Contact: angelinamclain304@gmail.com

Website: None


Rabbitry: Rabbit Haven

Breeder: Angel Matthews

Varieties: BEW, Black, Himi: all varieties.

Contact: rabbithaven@msn.com 

Website: None