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Guidelines for Submitting a Bid for and Hosting the ABPRS Spring National

The ABPRS National Show must be ran by ABPRS or an affiliated Petite Specialty Club. All local clubs are welcome to submit bids inviting us to come host our Nationals at your location in conjunction with your local show. The ABPRS Show Committee is available to assist the petite specialty host club to insure the show rules are adhered to and to help procure awards and judges, adopt and/or follow necessary procedures for the smooth and efficient running of the show.

  1. Bids must be submitted one week before the start of the ARBA Convention to be considered.  All bids submitted shall be for a show date no sooner than 16 months after the convention of bid submission.

  2. Bids will be reviewed by the show committee to determine which ones are acceptable. Acceptable bids are then voted on by the general membership attending the Annual Meeting.

  3. If no bids are submitted the Nationals will be sponsored by the ABPRS and held at a location determined by the ABPRS BOD. Should only one bid be submitted the ABPRS will determine a second location to allow the membership options to vote on.

this information must be in print and included within the submitted bid to be considered.

DATE:  The date is to be in the spring, no nationals held after May 31st will be considered.

LOCATION:  Where is the show to be held? How far is the airport and hotels from the show site?

HOST CLUB:  Who is the host club?  Will the national be held in conjunction with a local club or a regional specialty club or with a local all breed show?  Will there be a Specialty Show?

AWARDS:  The following awards must be given in both open and youth: BOB, BOS, BOV, BOSV and Best Display.

COOPING:  Will cooping be available and how many holes will be available? Are they safe for young juniors? Is there a cost for the cooping?

JUDGES:  A list of available judges should be supplied with the bid for ABPRS Show Committee approval.

SECRETARY/FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY:  There are two options. 1) The host club (Petite Specialty Club) will be profiting and be responsible for all expenses (cooping, judges, awards, sanctions, etc.) and be providing a show secretary.  2) The ABPRS will be profiting and be responsible for all expenses (cooping, judges, awards, sanctions, etc.) and be providing a show secretary.

Please state if your specialty club will be accepting full financial responsibility or if the ABPRS will be.

ENTRY: If the specialty host club has chosen to be financially responsible for the show what will the entry fee be and does it include cooping?

SHOW OFFICIALS:  Bids must include the names, addresses and emails of the Show Superintendent and Show Secretary.

Submit bids to: Scott Stockwell, Show Committee Chair


Direct questions to:  Scott Stockwell  

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