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The Elite of the Fancy

Welcome to the new home of the American Britannia Petite Rabbit Society. Founded in 1977, the ABPRS is the breed's charter club recognized by the American Rabbit Breeder's Association. Please check out all of the pages for more information on the Britannia Petite. Thank you for your interest in this exciting breed!

Elected Officers



Secretary / Treasurer

Board of Directors

Jason Karwoski

Debbie Hilton

Sara Malone

Sue Monahon

Ramie Grissom

Courtney Collins

Committee Members

Auditing Committee

Ramie Grissom

Lori Ann Winston

Sweepstakes Committee

Karah Boersma - Chair

Youth Committee

Sue Monahon - Chair

Julia Tomkinson

Ken Henry

ABPRS Website

Angel Matthews - 🐇❤️

Constitution & By-Laws Committee

Show Committee

Scholarship Committee

Awards Committee

Election Committee

Scott Stockwell - Chair

Grace Toy

Standards Committee

Domestic Rabbit Article

Molly Covert - Editor

Historical Committee

Merchandise Committee

The Britannia
Petite Digest

Jeff Hardin - Editor

Send article submissions for The Britannia Petite Digest Newsletter & other information to:

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