scholarship application

American Britannia Petite Rabbit Society
Ron Rohrig Educational Scholarship Award Application

General Guidelines
1. Up to two $250 or one $500 scholarship may be awarded by the ABPRS each year to
deserving applicants applying or currently enrolled full or part time in an accredited college,
university, vocational or technical trade school. This is a one-time award. Applicants not
receiving an award may apply again the following year.
2. This scholarship is open to applicants of any age.
3. All applicants must be part of an immediate family in which one or more people have current
APBRS membership and have been an ABPRS member for at least 3 full consecutive years.
4. Awards are based upon activity in the Britannia Petite rabbit world, personal character,
academics and written recommendations.
5. Payment of the award shall be by check directly to the educational institution.
6. All information gathered by the Scholarship Awards Committee will be held in strict
7. Applying for the scholarship, no matter how many or how few applications are submitted,
does not guarantee a scholarship will be awarded.
8. All portions of the application must be returned to the Scholarship Committee Chair on or
before May 1 of the current year.

Send applications to:
Scott Stockwell